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Image of PolyScience Applewood Smoking Chips

PolyScience Applewood Smoking Chips

For use with the PolyScience Smoking Gun. Applewood wood chips have a sweet, intense fruity flavour. Excellent for adding a unique blend of flavours to a whole host of different foods, ideal for desserts and fruit based cocktails. Smoking food at your...

Image of PolyScience Food Smoking Gun

PolyScience Food Smoking Gun

Add the perfect finishing touch to your dishes with the PolyScience Smoking Gun, an easy-to-use and time saving hand held smoke gun. The smoke gun can be used to add delicious, natural flavours to cocktails, meat and fish, vegetables and much more - a...

Image of PolyScience Hickory Smoking Chips

PolyScience Hickory Smoking Chips

For use with the PolyScience smoking gun, these hickory wood chips are a strong favourite from the range of smoking woods. When smoked in the PolyScience gun, the chips produce a rich, bacon-like flavour making them Ideal for smoking meat to achieve a...

Image of Smoking Gun Wood Chips Bourbon

Smoking Gun Wood Chips Bourbon

Bourbon Soaked Oak gives off a beautifully flavoured smoke which is great with ribs, brisket, and any red meats. These wonderful Bourbon Soaked Oak wood chips are made especially for use in The PolyScience Smoking Gun┬┐ and are completely chemical-free....

Image of Smoking Gun Wood Chips Cherry

Smoking Gun Wood Chips Cherry

Cherry wood gives off a wonderfully rich, smooth, sweet and fruity smoke; a perfect enhancement to cuts of poultry breasts, as well as vegetables and any other meats, or blend it with oak for a delicious smoked turkey. These chemical-free wood chips are...

Image of Smoking Gun Wood Chips Oak

Smoking Gun Wood Chips Oak

Oak is the most commonly used commercial smoking wood in the UK, producing a heavy smoky flavour which is great for all red meats, heavy game, and pork. Its also perfect with sausages or blended with cherry for smoking turkey. These very popular Oak wood...