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Image of Bacopa Plants - Secrets Double Lavender

Bacopa Plants - Secrets Double Lavender

Not only are the elegant pale lavender-blue blooms of this variety double, they're also much bigger than normal bacopa flowers. Perfect for baskets and containers, or even in a border as ground cover, they will be covered in these glorious double blooms...

Image of Bacopa Plants - White

Bacopa Plants - White

The largest-flowered bacopa on the market, producing clean white flowers all summer long. Trailing. Ideal for baskets and containers.

Image of Basket & Containers 9cm Bedding Plants - Lucky Dip

Basket & Containers 9cm Bedding Plants - Lucky Dip

We've made it easy to put the finishing touches to your baskets and containers ready for summer with this collection of mixed potted plants.This selection of 9cm potted plants includes some of our best-loved varieties for instant impact.Whether you just...

Image of Beautiful Bedding Plants - Our Selection

Beautiful Bedding Plants - Our Selection

Great collection of established potted bedding plants. May include pretty pansies with multi-coloured faces, beautiful bellis, fabulous forget me nots or perfect primroses. All the varieties, selected by us, are some of our favourite winter bedding and...

Image of Begonia Plant - Benichoma

Begonia Plant - Benichoma

An attractive Begonia with serrated, pink young foliage which becomes silver with age. The veins change from purple to green. Cane type. Height 41-50cm.Foliage houseplantAttractive foliageIdeal for patios or bordersBUY ANY 3 BEGONIA FOLIAGE PLANTS AND...

Image of Begonia Plant - Big Deluxxe Rose

Begonia Plant - Big Deluxxe Rose

Enjoy a bumper bedding display! Outstanding new vigorous variety with deep red foliage and large bright contrasting flowers all summer long. Each plant covering a square foot of ground, a huge improvement on many traditional varieties may be better than...

Image of Begonia Plant - Blackberry Swirl

Begonia Plant - Blackberry Swirl

A medum sized begonia. Deep red/purple edging with a silver band. A purple heart on the leaf with a swirl at the centre. Rex type. Flowers January-December. Height 21-30cm. TP - Tender perennial.Foliage houseplantLeaves have a silver sheenGrown for multi-coloured...

Image of Begonia Plant - Black Fang

Begonia Plant - Black Fang

A medium sized begonia with flowers that are small, pink in colour with dark pink spots. Leaves are almost black with prominent green star in the centre. Forms a dome shaped head. Rhizomatous type. Flowers January-December. Height 21-30cm. TP - Tender...

Image of Begonia Plant - Connie Boswell

Begonia Plant - Connie Boswell

An attractive tall begonia. The maple shaped leaves have dark veins and edges which are covered in silver spots. Cane type. Grow in a bright spot with shelter. Flowers January-December. Height 91-100cm. TP - Tender perennial.Foliage houseplantAttractive...

Image of Begonia Plant - Curly Fireflush

Begonia Plant - Curly Fireflush

A beautiful plant. The whole plant is covered in red hairs especially on the young leaves. Dark green leaves with darker edges having a spiral swirl in the heart. Rex type. Flowers January-December. Height 31-40cm. TP - Tender -perennial.Foliage houseplantGrown...

Image of Begonia Plant - Emerald Giant

Begonia Plant - Emerald Giant

A large leaved begonia. Leaf area being silver with dark green veins. Towards the edge is bright with silver dots becoming red. Rex type. Flowers January-December. Height 51-60cm. TP - Tender perennial.Foliage houseplantGrown for multi-coloured leaves

Image of Begonia Plant - Escargot

Begonia Plant - Escargot

One of the most beautiful begonias for inside the home. A large leaf with swirls of olive green and silver. Leaves up to 30cm long with hairy stems. Rex type. Flowers January-December. Height 41-50cm. TP - Tender perennial.Foliage houseplantGrown for...