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Image of Lime Plant - Caviar Lime

Lime Plant - Caviar Lime

Origin: Australasia. The Latin name 'Citrus australasica' gives away the origins of this, one of a group of citrus plants native only to Australiasia and now being increasingly marketed down under as 'gourmet bush tucker'. Also known as the caviar lime,...

Image of Lime Plant - Yuzu

Lime Plant - Yuzu

Origin: Japan. Like a complex citrus cocktail of mandarin, grapefruit and lemon, but much softer on the palate than a lemon, the Yuzu is fast becoming the darling of UK chefs who are using it in dressings and drizzles over seafood. Popular in Asian cuisine,...

Image of Medlar Dwarf Fruit Tree

Medlar Dwarf Fruit Tree

Produces fruit with an unusual truffle-like flavour. Ripens in early October. Store them for a few weeks to develop their full flavour. Supplied in a 4 litre pot at a height of approximately 70cm (27).Small trees adapted to grow in different container...

Image of Medlar Tree - Westeveldt

Medlar Tree - Westeveldt

An extremely attractive and quite fascinating tree (a relative of the quince family and a good pollinator for pears), with large, glossy leaves, beautiful white blossom in springtime and pretty bronze foliage in autumn. The curious flattish fruit are...

Image of Mirabelle Tree - de Nancy

Mirabelle Tree - de Nancy

Mouth-watering fruit! This prolific variety produces medium sized golden fruits, often developing a pink flush when fully ripe. The fruits are incredibly sweet and tangy, with a taste of honey.For planting and growing advice read our gage-and-plum-trees-growing-guide.

Image of Nectarine Tree - Lord Napier

Nectarine Tree - Lord Napier

Large mouth-watering fruit, full of juice, white flesh with a crimson-flushed skin. Reliable and prolific, excellent outdoor variety for the British climate. Self-fertile.For planting and growing advice read our apricots-peach-tree-and-nectarines-tree-growing-guide.

Image of Nut Tree - Purple Filbert

Nut Tree - Purple Filbert

Not only will the Purple Filbert give you a good autumnal crop of moist, flavoursome nuts, it's so attractive, with its rich copper foliage, deep purple catkins and purple fruit, that it deserves a spot in every garden! If you have the room, it would...

Image of Nut Tree - Sweet Almond Sultane

Nut Tree - Sweet Almond Sultane

Beautiful early spring flowers. Fruit needs a hot summer to develop properly. Self-fertile. Harvest Sept. Pollination group 2. Height 5m after 10years. (SF - self-fertile).For planting and growing advice read our walnuts-growing-guide.

Image of Nut Tree - Walnut Europa

Nut Tree - Walnut Europa

A naturally dwarf variety, ideal for smaller gardens. Large, oval-shaped nuts. Start harvesting after 2-3 years. Harvest early October. Height 3m+.

Image of Peach Tree - Avalon Pride

Peach Tree - Avalon Pride

This recently introduced peach appears to be strongly resistant to leaf curl disease. From a chance seedling found by a Miss Pride in woods in Washington State, near Seattle. She noticed that it was peach leaf curl resistant and decided to propagate her...

Image of Peach Tree - Jalousia

Peach Tree - Jalousia

These delightful, unusual fruits are delicious and sweet - so sweet they are also known as 'honey peaches'. Being a flat, or squashed peach (as our kids call them), they are a little different from the norm. The flavour is one not to be missed especially...

Image of Peach Tree - Lacrima Weeping Peach

Peach Tree - Lacrima Weeping Peach

Unique, cascading branches bearing sweet, juicy peaches. Yields fruit from the 2nd year of planting. Ideal for small gardens, pink blossom in spring, yellow-fleshed fruit in late summer. Harvest in August. Height 2.5-3m. Grown on Montclare rootstock.