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Image of Broad Beans Dreadnought Seeds

Broad Beans Dreadnought Seeds

The pods are of extraordinary size and length, packed with excellent quality white beans. Recommended for exhibition. Suitable for deep freezing.

Image of Broad Bean Seeds - Express

Broad Bean Seeds - Express

Early maturing broad bean, producing many well-filled pods about 20cm (8) long containing 5 or 6 plump, greenish-white seeds. Flavour and quality very good. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany....

Image of Broad Bean Seeds - Imperial Green Longpod

Broad Bean Seeds - Imperial Green Longpod

Produces pods some 38cm (15) long, each containing up to 9 large green beans. We recommend this long podded, heavy cropping broad bean. Suitable for deep freezing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Image of Broccoli Seeds - Marathon F1

Broccoli Seeds - Marathon F1

An outstanding and very adaptable calabrese that will reliably produce a good crop of delicious densely packed heads whatever the weather throws at it! Recommended for deep freezing. (Calabrese variety) Calabrese produces a large central head which should...

Image of Broccoli Seeds - Monclano F1

Image of Broccoli Seeds - Olympia F1

Broccoli Seeds - Olympia F1

Deep, domed green heads that are tasty and nutritious. Sow successionally from February to May for a harvest from as early as June right through to November. Calabrese produces a large central head which should be cut and eaten. Delicious, smaller shoots...

Image of Broccoli Seeds - Purple Sprouting

Broccoli Seeds - Purple Sprouting

Traditional favourite. Hardy and prolific, producing many delicious side shoots. Harvest March-April. Matures 40 weeks from time sowing.

Image of Broccoli Seeds - Purple Sprouting Continuity Mix

Image of Broccoli Seeds - Stemia F1

Broccoli Seeds - Stemia F1

The perfect broccoli for those of you who like to harvest a few stems at a time. Stemia produces a main head that splits into multiple long stems, perfect for cutting a few at a time for each meal, and there's no need to remove the main head to produce...

Image of Broccoli (Sprouting) Seeds - Rudolph

Broccoli (Sprouting) Seeds - Rudolph

Harvest September-December from early sowings, but as late as January-February from later sowings in favourable areas. The spears are reliably large, flavoursome, and very good quality. Recommended for deep freezing. Maturing 40 weeks from sowing.

Image of Brokali Seeds - Apollo F1

Brokali Seeds - Apollo F1

Produces a good crop of long, tender, deliciously sweet green shoots, similar to 'sprouting broccoli'. To get more shoots, cut the main heads and increase plant spacing. A cross between European and Chinese broccoli (Kailan). Harvest mid June-September.Toby's...

Image of Brussels Sprout Seeds - Brodie F1