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Image of Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5

Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5

Excellent for successional sowing, or in frames or under cloches for early roots. Row 15m (50'). Standard variety. 84 days from sowing to harvest to help with your selection (this is based on Toby's trials and may vary).

Image of Carrot Seeds - Eskimo F1

Image of Carrot Seeds - Flyaway F1

Image of Carrot Seeds - Ideal Red

Carrot Seeds - Ideal Red

A super fast-maturing type, ideal for gardening beginners. The rich orange roots are uniform in colour and have a delicious flavour. Row 9m (30').

Image of Carrot Seeds - Maestro F1

Carrot Seeds - Maestro F1

A reliable and excellent quality Nantes type with excellent pest and disease resistance (including Carrot Root Fly). RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. This carrot has been trialled, tested and recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany....

Image of Carrot Seeds - Samurai Seeds

Carrot Seeds - Samurai Seeds

A red-skinned Japanese carrot with sweet pink inner flesh which holds its colour well after cooking. Root length 25-28cm (10-11). Row 6m (20').Unusual coloured type - Brighten up mealtimes and encourage kids to eat their vegetables!

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Aalsmeer

Cauliflower Seeds - Aalsmeer

A frost hardy cauliflower, recommended for growing in all areas, producing vigorous plants and first-class, deep white curds with an excellent flavour in April-May. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. For winter/spring use - maturing time approximately...

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - All The Year Round

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Boris F1

Cauliflower Seeds - Boris F1

Strong roots and a vigorous growth habit help this robust cauliflower to thrive in a range of soil types and difficult growing conditions. Very flexible - can be sown March-June or in October. Harvest end June-October. Recommended for deep freezing.

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Clapton F1

Image of Cauliflower Sees - Candid Charm F1

Cauliflower Sees - Candid Charm F1

A vigorous and easy to grow cauliflower, producing deep white heads from July to November. Recommended for deep freezing. For summer/autumn use - maturing time approximately 20-26 weeks from sowing.

Image of Cauliflowers Seeds - Speed Star F1

Cauliflowers Seeds - Speed Star F1

Extra early summer maturing variety that matures weeks earlier than regular cauliflowers. Produces small, single/double portion size curds. Curds are a little bigger than a tennis ball, like the ones you buy in high-end supermarkets. Good protection from...