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Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Aalsmeer

Cauliflower Seeds - Aalsmeer

A frost hardy cauliflower, recommended for growing in all areas, producing vigorous plants and first-class, deep white curds with an excellent flavour in April-May. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. For winter/spring use - maturing time approximately...

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - All The Year Round

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Boris F1

Cauliflower Seeds - Boris F1

Strong roots and a vigorous growth habit help this robust cauliflower to thrive in a range of soil types and difficult growing conditions. Very flexible - can be sown March-June or in October. Harvest end June-October. Recommended for deep freezing.

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Clapton F1

Image of Cauliflower Sees - Candid Charm F1

Cauliflower Sees - Candid Charm F1

A vigorous and easy to grow cauliflower, producing deep white heads from July to November. Recommended for deep freezing. For summer/autumn use - maturing time approximately 20-26 weeks from sowing.

Image of Cauliflowers Seeds - Speed Star F1

Cauliflowers Seeds - Speed Star F1

Extra early summer maturing variety that matures weeks earlier than regular cauliflowers. Produces small, single/double portion size curds. Curds are a little bigger than a tennis ball, like the ones you buy in high-end supermarkets. Good protection from...

Image of Celeriac Seeds - Brilliant

Celeriac Seeds - Brilliant

Smooth roots with beautiful white flesh which does not discolour. Also known as Turnip Rooted Celery, it will add a delicious tangy taste to soups and stews. Maturing time approximately 30 weeks from sowing.Toby's tip: The secret is to keep it well watered...

Image of Celery Seeds - Golden Spartan

Celery Seeds - Golden Spartan

A very productive, pale-green-stemmed, self-blanching celery with good bolting tolerance. Produces very long, smooth thick ribs with excellent taste and texture. Self-blanching type - maturing time approximately 18 weeks from sowing.

Image of Chicory Seeds - Witloof Zoom F1

Chicory Seeds - Witloof Zoom F1

A chicory recommended for forcing to produce tightly packed, well-filled chicons of excellent quality.

Image of Chilli Pepper Seeds - Bishop's Crown

Chilli Pepper Seeds - Bishop's Crown

I love this uniquely shaped chilli, it reminds me of a bell crossed with a flying saucer. The flavour isnt that hot, and it has a great fruity tang. I originally found this in Barbados, but it originates from South America, probably moving around the...

Image of Chilli Seeds - Jalapeno

Chilli Seeds - Jalapeno

Probably the world's most famous chilli! The unique flavour works perfectly when sliced onto a pizza or to spice up a simple sandwich. When in a green state the Jalapeno is great to eat but becomes a little sweeter when they turn red. Suitable for glasshouse...

Image of Chilli Seeds - Slowburn

Chilli Seeds - Slowburn

The heat on this variety is not immediately apparent but builds slowly and stops before it gets too hot, hence the name 'Slowburn'.Heavy crops of attractive orange chillies of 55-60K SHU heat rating! Deep, rich flavour can be frozen or dried for later...