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Image of Blackberry Plant - Oregon Thornless

Image of Blackberry Plant - Triple Crown

Blackberry Plant - Triple Crown

Rightfully named for its three superb qualities. Virtually thornless, semi erect plants. Fruit ripens later than most other blackberries - August-September. Height1.5-2m. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.

Image of Blackcurrant Plant - Ben More x 1

Image of Blackcurrant Plants - Ben More x 3

Image of Blueberry Plant - Duke

Image of Blueberry Plants - Collection

Blueberry Plants - Collection

Three outstanding varieties that will provide you with juicy berries, throughout summer and autumn, for years to come. Ideal for growing on the patio (they are best grown in ericaceous compost), or in the garden. The rusty red-tipped spring foliage, attractive...

Image of Boysenberry Plant

Boysenberry Plant

A 1920's heirloom variety - great balance of sweet and tart. A cross between loganberries, raspberries and dewberries, boysenberries are incredibly hardy and even more resistant to disease and drought than blackberries. They're vigorous-growing and will...

Image of Cape Gooseberry Seeds

Cape Gooseberry Seeds

Exotic fruits for the greenhouse or sunny patio. Branching plants that can attain 180cm (6') in height, producing masses of fruits that are ready to harvest when calyces have changed from green to golden brown (if picked and left in husks they can be...

Image of Chuckleberry Plant

Image of Cranberry Plant

Cranberry Plant

Bushes become smothered in little pink flowers which are followed by juicy, dark red berries with a distinctive tart flavour. If left unpicked the berries often remain on the bushes throughout winter, set off against attractive bronze winter foliage....

Image of Fig Plant - Panachee

Fig Plant - Panachee

This prolific-cropping variety, though it's been in cultivation since 1668, is something quite unusual, boasting high quality, deliciously sweet fruit with a unique variegated colouration that is certain to make it one of the most talked about items in...

Image of Gooseberry Plants - Twin Pack

Gooseberry Plants - Twin Pack

Twin Pack will contain one plant each of Darling and Solemia which are supplied in 1.3 litre pots:Darling - Reliably heavy crops of medium to dark red, oval-shaped berries. Excellent resistance to mildew and blight. Great for snacking! Harvest July. Height...