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Image of Bee Hotel and Crocus Bulbs

Bee Hotel and Crocus Bulbs

Save the bees! They need both pollen and a home to survive, emerging in early spring at the same time as early blooming flowers like crocuses (with multiple flowers and long stamens, they are a bee's best friend!). Our bee hotel provides a natural winter...

Image of Bumblebee Villa and colony

Bumblebee Villa and colony

Want better pollination for all your garden fruit & vegetables ........ then why not invest in a bumblebee hive! Good pollination will improve both the yield and the quality of crops. The native British Bumblebee, Bombus terrestris Audax, is a far more...

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Image of Wooden Insect & Bee Hotel

Wooden Insect & Bee Hotel

A ready assembled wooden insect and bee hotel with integral wall hanger, made from natural wood. Suitable for a wide variety of garden insects to be able to check into!