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Image of All-Purpose Compost

All-Purpose Compost

Ideal for anything from sowing seeds to potting up young plants and filling patio containers and baskets. 60 litre bag.The All-Purpose compost is a high specification mix, made to the same formulation as professional nursery mixes. It contains essential...

Image of Ericaceous Mix

Ericaceous Mix

This ericaceous compost is specially formulated to provide the correct pH balance for acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias.

Image of Moisture Retaining Mix Compost

Moisture Retaining Mix Compost

Contains a special water retaining agent that minimises water loss under hot or windy conditions reducing the need for frequent watering, plus a high potash feed for extra flowers. Ideal for hanging baskets, containers, tubs and window boxes. 60 litres.

Image of Peat Free Mix

Peat Free Mix

A superb quality all purpose compost, which is ideal for anyone wishing to make a peat free choice. 50 litres.

Image of Seedling Compost

Seedling Compost

Perfect for bringing seeds to life! Ideal for fast, healthy seed germination, this compost has a fine texture for seed sowing, and helps retain moisture around the seed. 50 litres.