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Image of 2 Inch Vogue Prepared Day Labels with Dispenser (Pack of 500) Pack of 500

Image of 2Lb Folded Edge Loaf Tin

2Lb Folded Edge Loaf Tin

This 2Lb loaf tin is ideal for baking a variety of delicious goods, from soft bread to delectably sweet cakes. It’s made from sturdy metal and has a premium non-stick coating which makes baking much easier, plus it’s super easy to clean once you’re...

Image of 2 Pack Oven Tray

2 Pack Oven Tray

Stock up on high-quality kitchen essentials with this handy two pack of oven trays, a convenient way to make sure you’ve always got a spare on hand for big dinners. We’ve added our non-stick coating to these oven trays to make for easy baking. These...

Image of 2Pk Tea Towel Zing

2Pk Tea Towel Zing

Fun and versatile, this 2 pack of Zing tea towels is brightly coloured and made from cotton made in Egypyt, making it soft and highly absorbent. Whether you're using them for cleaning spills or a make shift oven glove, these towels can easily do the job....

Image of 2 Ply Blue Paper Napkins

2 Ply Blue Paper Napkins

Add some colour to your picnic, party, or BBQs with these highly absorbent and fully recyclable 2 Ply Blue Paper Napkins. With 25 in a pack, these are great for when the whole family comes together and can be used for protecting clothing, cleaning sticky...

Image of 2 Regis Stone Non-Stick Pans

2 Regis Stone Non-Stick Pans

2 non-stick, heavy duty frying pans

Image of 36 Pack Assorted Paper Doilies

36 Pack Assorted Paper Doilies

This 36 Pack of Assorted Paper Doilies by Kingfisher Catering is perfect for enhancing your presentation at tea parties, family gatherings, or even everyday meals. Adding extra decorative flair to your table, these doilies come in three assorted sizes...

Image of 3 Ceracraft Non-Stick Ceramic Pans with Aroma Lid

3 Ceracraft Non-Stick Ceramic Pans with Aroma Lid

3 non-stick, ceramic pans & 28cm aroma lid

Image of 3D Dog Mug

3D Dog Mug

Perfect for any canine fan or pet lover, the 3D Dog Mug is sure to help them relax and unwind after a long day in style. Featuring 3D ears, an adorable nose, and charming brown and white spotted detailing, this durable 430ml hand-painted mug is perfect...

Image of 3D Unicorn Mug

3D Unicorn Mug

Designed to help all your wishes come true, the 3D Unicorn Mug is sure to impress. Featuring a 3D horn, whispy mane, and adorable pointed ears, this durable 430ml hand-painted mug is perfect for serving an array of hot and refreshing beverages to friends,...

Image of 3In1 Spiraliser

3In1 Spiraliser

“Spiralise” your 5 a day! Turn your favourite vegetables or fruit into colourful, healthy ribbons in seconds, making them perfect for tasty stir fries, delicious salads, elegant julienne-style vegetable dishes or for creating decorative garnishes. ...

Image of 3 Lager Glasses

3 Lager Glasses

With their tall and slender design, this pack of 3 pilsner style Lager Glasses from Ravenhead are great for a wide variety of ales, lagers, and cold beverages. These dishwasher safe glasses are strong, durable, and an essential item for every glassware...