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Image of Brussels Sprout Seeds - Nelson F1

Brussels Sprout Seeds - Nelson F1

A vigorous-growing, high yielding brussels sprout. Resistance to lodging (blowing over) makes it ideal for single row plantings, and the tasty buttons are spread evenly up the stems. F1 hybrid variety. Maturing time 30-36 weeks from time of sowing.

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Celio F1

Cauliflower Seeds - Celio F1

A vigorous-growing cauliflower whose deliciously flavoured green heads, with their exquisite pointed turrets, are ready to harvest from mid July to mid September. Italian romanesco type. Recommended for deep freezing. Maturing approximately 20-26 weeks...

Image of Cauliflower Seeds - Nessie F1

Cauliflower Seeds - Nessie F1

A superb, vigorous-growing cauliflower producing quality white curds that are well-protected by the blue-green leaves. Sow January-March, harvest mid June-mid July, or October into pots for overwintering under glass. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Image of Lettuce Seeds - Edox

Lettuce Seeds - Edox

Something quite different! An attractive medium-sized red/green butterhead lettuce with crisp and tasty hearts. Summer Butterheads - develop large well-folded heads & succulent creamy-yellow hearts. Sow February-June.

Image of Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

If you've never grown your own lettuce plants to experience that 'fresh from the garden' taste, try our mixed pack. A mixture of varieties to provide a range of colours, tastes and leaf types for your salad bowl. A fortnightly sowing will be perfect to...

Image of Pepper Chilli Seeds - Joe's Long F1

Pepper Chilli Seeds - Joe's Long F1

If Jumbo is the biggest sweet pepper we have seen, then Joe's Long has to be one of the longest chillies. A very productive chilli pepper, producing unusually long, medium-hot chillies up to 20-30cm (8-12) in length. These can be chopped and used fresh,...

Image of Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

Superb glistening green fruit, which turn red on maturity, are clustered around a compact central stem. Ideal for pots, tubs, growing bags or garden planting. Recommended for deep freezing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 30-40cm (12-16). Patio/windowsill...