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Image of Armeria Plant - Ballerina White

Armeria Plant - Ballerina White

Large, ball-shaped, pure white flowers produced on erect, strong stems. Compact perennial or alpine plant to add colour to those rockeries or front of borders. Flowers for many weeks and months from mid-spring. Also good in poor soils and seaside locations....

Image of Begonia Frilled Mix

Begonia Frilled Mix

Begonia Frilled Mix Has Ruffled Blooms. They Are Guaranteed To Give You A Show Stopping Display That Can Be Relied On Whatever The Weather.they Make A Gorgeous Display Whether Planted In Containers Or In A Sunny Border And Will Quickly Provide A Vivid...

Image of Eryngium Plants - Blue Hobbit

Eryngium Plants - Blue Hobbit

Small, thimble-like, rich blue flowers are surrounded by short spikes and carried on much-branched, short, blue stems that rise from a rosette of mid-green, oval leaves. Great for seaside garden, and the front of the border. Can be cut for the vase as...

Image of Lobelia Plant - Starship Deep Rose

Lobelia Plant - Starship Deep Rose

A recently bred lobelia which brings to the market earlier flowering, a better branching habit and a better all-round display. Intense red flowers are produced in columns up the strong stem for many months. Flowers June-September. Height 50-60cm (20-24);...

Image of Primula vulgaris - Wild Primrose

Primula vulgaris - Wild Primrose

The primrose is perhaps one of our most loved and familiar native flowers, heralding spring with pretty clusters of pale lemon flowers nestling amongst rosettes of green foliage. Great for naturalising, perfect for shady areas, fast growing. Flowers March-early...