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Image of Campsis t. Plant - Summer Jazz

Campsis t. Plant - Summer Jazz

The Summer Jazz 'Sunrise Gold' has large flowers with a beautiful peach-orange colour that slowly becomes yellow with orange-red throats and red veining. The Summer Jazz series is more compact than its other species, that makes the plant perfect for small...

Image of Marigold (African) Plants - Sunspot Mix

Marigold (African) Plants - Sunspot Mix

With its beautiful ball-shaped heads of attractively frilled petals, Sunspot's blooms will make a spectacular addition to your garden. Early flowering and uniform in habit, it's a perfect bedding plant. Robust plants that bloom prolifically for months....

Image of Nepeta Plants - Variegata

Nepeta Plants - Variegata

Vigorous plants with cream and green foliage, for use as a 'filler' in all types of containers and baskets. Trailing.

Image of Oxalis Bulbs - hirta Gothenburg

Oxalis Bulbs - hirta Gothenburg

Mat-forming perennials with hairy leaves and funnel-shaped flowers in late summer and early autumn. The varieties weve chosen will provide a range of different coloured flowers.hirta Gothenburg - Extremely floriferous with lilac, white-eyed flowers that...