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Image of Backsaver Spade

Backsaver Spade

We all know that digging can be a back breaking chore. Constant bending to pick up soil and turn it gives you backache. This ingenious tool (popular in the 1970s and now back in production!) has been specially designed to reduce back strain and effort...

Image of Poaching Spade

Poaching Spade

A traditional with a macabre past, originally known as a poachers or rabbiting spade, but which now finds itself an invaluable tool in the garden. Its long, narrow tapered blade enables better soil penetration and makes a perfect general planting and...

Image of Potato Fork

Potato Fork

The bayonet-shaped prongs of our traditional Potato Fork will help you to avoid damaging the potatoes when you lift them! It has a solid forged head and cap and ferrule socket for extra strength, four hardened and tempered prongs and an ash handle with...