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Image of A Guide To Companion Planting

A Guide To Companion Planting

This inspirational beginners' guide provides a straightforward introduction to the basics of companion planting, explaining the benefits of gardening in harmony with nature and outlining the different ways in which companion plants can work to make your...

Image of Guide To Gardening By The Moon

Guide To Gardening By The Moon

Most modern gardening is undertaken without any reference to lunar cycles but the moon's gravitational pull has a fundamental influence on both people and plants.

Image of How To Eat Better by James Wong

How To Eat Better by James Wong

How to Eat Better - James Wongs last two books have immediately leaped to the top of the gardening book best seller lists and his new book is expected to do just the same. He brings an easy-reading style plus scientific rigour to the increasingly topical...

Image of Vegetable Planning Chart

Vegetable Planning Chart

The chart is based on simple three or four year rotation systems. It is A3 laminated and has a colour coded, easy to read planning guide telling you when to sow, plant, harvest and when to force, protect and so on for each crop. On the rear are the rotation...