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Image of Begonia Sweet Spice Bounty - 15 Plants

Begonia Sweet Spice Bounty - 15 Plants

save £12.99 When You Get 15 Free-flowering Plantswill Fill Three 30cm Diameter Hanging Baskets Or Plantersbritish-bred Sweet-scented Begoniasflowers All Summer And Into Autumnhappy Positioned In Full Sun Or Part Shadeperfect Flowers For Big And Bold...

Image of Begonia Sweet Spice Bounty - 5 Plants

Begonia Sweet Spice Bounty - 5 Plants

five Flowering Plants In Every Packfabulous Flower Display All Summer Longperforms Perfectly In Sun Or Shadetake Advantage Of Proud Begonia Sweetspice Bounty- With Pink Rain-proof Petals Huddled Together In One Fantastic Flower. Every Flower Looks Like...

Image of Biological Control Mighty Mite

Biological Control Mighty Mite

This amazing predatory Phoretic mite species is a unique biological pest control. Primarily a soil-dwelling predator, it has a voracious appetite and a rapid reproduction rate at temperatures over 10ºC.

Image of Blueberry Plant - Pink Flamingo

Blueberry Plant - Pink Flamingo

Be one of the first to grow this unique and beautiful new green and pink leaved blueberry! This unique variety boasts stunning coloured foliage all through the spring and summer - the initial leaves that sprout are green but the following flushes of leaves...

Image of Borage (Organic) Seeds

Borage (Organic) Seeds

The beautiful blue flowers of borage are used to flavour beverages, the young leaves for salads. It's a magnet for bees too! Flowers June-August. Height 80cm (31).

Image of Broad Bean (Organic) Seeds - Super Aguadulce

Broad Bean (Organic) Seeds - Super Aguadulce

Superb long pods with 8-9 good flavoured beans in each. These are compact plants, perfect for anyone with limited space. Aguadulce is the hardiest variety for autumn or early spring sowing.With over 15 million organic gardeners in the UK and the number...

Image of Broccoli (Organic) Seeds - Purple Sprouting Early

Broccoli (Organic) Seeds - Purple Sprouting Early

A very popular and reliable variety. The large plants produce a steady supply of mature shoots throughout March. The purple colour turns bright green when cooked. Harvest March-April.

Image of Brussels Sprout (Organic) Seeds - F1 Doric

Brussels Sprout (Organic) Seeds - F1 Doric

Productive, late maturing. Tight, tasty sprouts from December to February. Strong stem and root system, stands well in the cold. Coated seeds to aid visibility when sowing.

Image of Butterfly Mix Seeds

Butterfly Mix Seeds

Our Native British Wildflowers range has been developed from research conducted by Butterfly Conservation, BBKA, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.This butterfly mix contains over 30 native species of wildflower and includes many nectar-rich species. Attracts...

Image of Cabbage Savoy (Organic) Seeds - Vertus

Cabbage Savoy (Organic) Seeds - Vertus

An Ormskirk type with the ability to stand severe frosts. An excellent green vegetable when little else is available. Sow May-June plant 60cm apart harvest Dec-Feb. Try lightly braised in butter with a twist of freshly ground pepper! 190 seeds.

Image of Calendula (Organic) officinalis Seeds

Calendula (Organic) officinalis Seeds

The original 'Pot Marigold' with single orange flowers which can be used to add colouring to rice or in salads. Flowers June-July. Height 45cm (18).

Image of Camassia Collection - Camassia Bulbs

Camassia Collection - Camassia Bulbs

Camassias Are Among The Showiest Of Spring Bulbs. Emerging In Spring-to-early Summer, The Camassia Bulbs Sprout Tall Spires Of Starry Flowers, Adding Height And Colour To The Garden.our Camassia Collection Includes One Each Of:camassia Leichtlinii Caeruleatall...