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Image of Leaf Beet (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Chard

Leaf Beet (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Chard

White, red, pink and yellow stems and savoyed green leaves. A good addition to salads as a baby leaf or can be left to mature for cooking.

Image of Leek (Organic) Seeds - Bandit

Leek (Organic) Seeds - Bandit

A 'blue-green winter' variety. Performs well in bad and cold weather. Tasty, medium long white stems. High yielding and uniform. Resistant to bolting. Harvest November-December.

Image of Leek (Organic) Seeds - Musselburgh

Leek (Organic) Seeds - Musselburgh

Known first as 'Scotch Flag'. A broad-leaved tall type maturing December/April. Reliable, versatile and hugely popular for many years.

Image of Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Mix

Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Mix

A mix of Red Salad Bowl, Suzan, Marvel of Four Seasons and Little Leprechaun all in one packet. Cut at 10cm high for baby leaf or allow to fully grow.

Image of Marigold Plants - Strawberry Blond X24

Marigold Plants - Strawberry Blond X24

This Easy-care Unique Colour-changing Marigold Flowers Right Through Summer.ideal For Containers, Baskets Or Beddingdeters Pests In The Vegetable Gardenheight 20-25cm (8-10in)available As 24 Easy-plant Plugs From Juneadd This Marigold Variety To Your...

Image of Monarda Knight Purple - Plants

Monarda Knight Purple - Plants

beautiful Purple Flowers, Upright And Statelygreat In Late Summercontainer-perfectattractive To Beneficial Pollinating Insectshappy In All Soils Given A Sunny Spot In The Gardenbee Balms Are Great Additions To Flower Beds. Reaching 60cm (24in) In Height...

Image of Monarda Knight Rose - Plants

Monarda Knight Rose - Plants

beautiful Rose Flowers, Upright And Dramaticgreat In Late Summerhappy In Containersattractive To Beneficial, Pollinating Insectshappy In All Soils Given A Sunny Spot In The Gardenbee Balms Give Your Flower Beds Colour And Drama. Reaching 60cm (24in) In...

Image of Nasturtium (Organic) Seeds - Tall Mix

Nasturtium (Organic) Seeds - Tall Mix

A free flowering and rapid climber. Attracts aphids away from vegetables and so useful throughout the garden. Flowers June-September. Height 180cm (6')

Image of Nicotiana (Organic) Seeds - Mix

Nicotiana (Organic) Seeds - Mix

This ornamental tobacco mix produces sweetly scented blooms in a range of bright colours. Bees and other pollinators will love it! Flowers June-September. Height 75cm (30).

Image of Parsnip (Organic) Seeds - Tender and True

Parsnip (Organic) Seeds - Tender and True

A fine quality parsnip with long roots at least 7cm across at the top. One of the best flavoured parsnips with good resistance to canker.

Image of Pea (Organic) Seeds - Ambassador

Pea (Organic) Seeds - Ambassador

Resistant to powdery mildew, mosaic virus and fusarium wilt. Semi-leafless plants for easy picking. Maturity 90 days.

Image of Pea (Organic) Seeds - Kelvedon Wonder

Pea (Organic) Seeds - Kelvedon Wonder

Extremely popular thin-shelled, pointed, narrow pods in pairs. Heavy yielding, and of fine flavour, we highly recommend it!