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Image of Bat Detector Baton

Bat Detector Baton

The Baton is a simple but versatile bat detector having a monitor speaker allowing reduction of frequencies between 20kHz to 120kHz. The division factor is 10, reducing the sounds of a 50kHz bat to 5kHz, within the range of human hearing. The unit comes...

Image of Frogilo


Position the handmade Frogilo near a pond or damp area in a quiet, cool, shaded position. The base of the Frogilo is cut away in part to provide contact with the cool soil for summer conditions. In winter the insulating ceramic shelf will be used instead...

Image of Large Insect Hotel

Large Insect Hotel

An attractive wooden insect and bee hotel. Made of natural wood painted in a gloss grey and decorated with pine cones. The hotel can either be left freestanding or fixed to a wall. Dimensions - 29cm high, 25cm wide and 8.5cm depth.