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Image of Herb Plant, Marjoram Golden

Herb Plant, Marjoram Golden

An attractive plant for both the garden and the kitchen. Best used fresh, the delicate warm and aromatic flavour of the leaves and flowering sprigs are popular in Italian, Mexican and Greek dishes especially in salads or when cooking sauces and pasta...

Image of Herb Plant - Mint Spear

Herb Plant - Mint Spear

Often a chefs favourite herb it is often used in drinks, salads, as a garnish or with the great roast lamb. Lovely when crushed to make a mint sauce for the Sunday roast. Best grown in a container to stop it spreading too far. Perennial. Supplied in a...

Image of Herb Plant - Oregano Country Cream

Herb Plant - Oregano Country Cream

The attractively variegated and aromatic leaves of this herb make it a lovely garden plant that is also of great use in the kitchen. As a herb it has a strong flavour and can be used in many Italian, Greek and Mexican dishes often as a good accompaniment...

Image of Herb Plant - Sage Icterina

Herb Plant - Sage Icterina

A herb which has tremendous perennial ornamental values in the garden and culinary uses in the kitchen. The fragrant foliage is variegated with a lime green centre and golden yellow edge and in summer blue flowers are produced. The leaves have a slight...

Image of Herb Plant - Thyme Andersons Gold

Herb Plant - Thyme Andersons Gold

This herb is a lovely garden plant that can be put to many uses from brightening up gravel paths to mixed borders or even a complete lawn, but it is also one of the most useful herbs in the kitchen as well. It has a slight lemon flavour and is excellent...