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Image of Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

High-yielding over a long season. Dark green fruit with crisp white flesh. Recommended for deep freezing. Maturing time approximately 12 weeks from sowing. This variety trialled, tested and recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Image of Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

Large numbers of fruit, 8-10cm (3-4) long, borne in compact multiple clusters close to the main stem, with little side branching. Can be grown outdoors in many areas if planted through black polythene to keep the roots warm. The crisp, nutritious fruits...

Image of Leek Seeds - Sprintan F1

Leek Seeds - Sprintan F1

Well named, Sprintan certainly gets a move on to be our earliest maturing leek. From spring sowings, it will mature from late August through to November. As this suggests, it has good standing ability and long green shanks. Has good resistance to leek...

Image of Parsnip Seeds - Countess F1

Parsnip Seeds - Countess F1

A vigorous and disease resistant hybrid, bearing heavy crops of uniform, high quality white parsnips. Reliable in a variety of soils and seasons and has a very good taste and texture. Row 4m (13'). RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Uniform, improved parsnip...

Image of Parsnip Seeds - Exhibition

Parsnip Seeds - Exhibition

The best long parsnip for exhibition which can be grown to extraordinary size. Good flavour and cooking quality. Row 12m (40'). Recommended for exhibition. Large rooted, traditional type. Maturing time approximately 32-36 weeks from sowing.

Image of Radish Seeds - Cherry Belle

Radish Seeds - Cherry Belle

Round and red, like cherries in shape and colour. Early, with crisp white flesh. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Maturing time approximately 5-8 weeks from sowing.

Image of Radish Seeds - Mantanghong F1

Radish Seeds - Mantanghong F1

British bred version of the Chinese radish. You can grow these tasty roots up to tennis ball size and leave in the ground until required. (Roots can grow up to 450gms [1lb] each). The attractive, sweet red flesh has a peppery, nutty taste and is ideal...

Image of Shallot Seeds - Ambition F1

Shallot Seeds - Ambition F1

Keen gardener? Well, you can easily grow shallots from seed! A high quality, easy-to-grow, bolt-resistant variety, producing a good crop of attractive, tasty, reddish/brown-skinned shallots that are suitable for long-term storage.