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Image of Green Cone

Green Cone

Green Cone is an innovative food waste disposal unit that is incredibly simple to use. For anyone who does not have the time to compost, Green Cone is the ultimate waste food disposal solution. Most Green Cones produce so little residue that they will...

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Image of Green Johanna
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Image of Hotbin Composter

Hotbin Composter

HotBin is a 200 litre hot composting bin that is easy to use. It quickly transforms kitchen waste and plate scrapings (including meat and fish), grass cuttings, garden prunings and leaves into nutritious compost. The insulated walls and effective aeration...

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Image of Rota Composter

Rota Composter

Recycle garden and household waste into rich compost with this rotating composter. It has two chambers for efficient batch composting - fill one side with fresh waste while the other side is maturing. Made from robust UV-stabilised plastic, it has built-in...

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Image of Tomato Poly Cover

Tomato Poly Cover

These covers will help to create the perfect growing conditions for your tomatoes. Complete with spacer rings to allow you to set the size to give the plants ample room to grow meaning you can be harvesting more fruit earlier. 65cm (26) wide x 130cm (4'4)...

Image of Tumbleweed Compost Maker

Tumbleweed Compost Maker

A very popular design of compost maker, where, with a simple tumble, the contents are dropped from one end to the other, hitting the stainless steel breaker bar in the middle on the way. This means it gets well mixed and properly aerated, which means...

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