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Image of Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

This Colourful Annuals Mix contains 8 native species of annual Wildflower including easy-to-establish species such as common poppy and cornflower. Will provide a splash of colour with minimal effort and prove beneficial for many pollinators. Can be utilised...

Image of Cornfield Annuals Mix Seeds

Cornfield Annuals Mix Seeds

The mix contains 10 native species of wildflower incorporating short-lived perennials for added interest, including buttercup and campion. The colourful annuals create a fast-establishing display in one season and is an easy to grow mix for all levels...

Image of Fragrant Flowers Mix Seeds

Fragrant Flowers Mix Seeds

In this seed mix there are over 30 native species of wildflower of which many species are known for their fragrance. The aroma can often be released by crushing the leaves of plants whereas some flowers release fragrance in the cooler night air which...

Image of Perfect By Ponds Mix Seeds

Perfect By Ponds Mix Seeds

A seed mix perfect for creating an aquatic mini-habitat which contains water-edge and some semi-aquatic species. The foliage becomes a haven for amphibians, birds and some small mammals. The mix also contains butterfly and caterpillar food plants. Perfect...

Image of Woodland Garden Mix Seeds

Woodland Garden Mix Seeds

The Woodland Garden Mix contains 30 native species of wildflower including familiar favourites such as bluebell and ramsons. Designed to include species that will thrive in woodland-type areas. A mix of perennial, biennial and annuals will ensure different...