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Image of Borage (Organic) Seeds

Borage (Organic) Seeds

The beautiful blue flowers of borage are used to flavour beverages, the young leaves for salads. It's a magnet for bees too! Flowers June-August. Height 80cm (31).

Image of Calendula (Organic) officinalis Seeds

Calendula (Organic) officinalis Seeds

The original 'Pot Marigold' with single orange flowers which can be used to add colouring to rice or in salads. Flowers June-July. Height 45cm (18).

Image of Cornflower (Organic) Seeds - Double Blue

Cornflower (Organic) Seeds - Double Blue

Rich and brilliant blue flowers all summer long - and the bees will love it as much as you do! Flowers June-September. Height 75cm (30).

Image of Lavatera trimestris (Organic) Seeds

Lavatera trimestris (Organic) Seeds

An economical way to quickly and effectively fill a large border with a dazzling display of glistening colour. Tall, wide, sturdy plants bear large, showy blooms in shades of rose, pink and white throughout the summer. The large bushy plants produce giant...

Image of Nasturtium (Organic) Seeds - Tall Mix

Nasturtium (Organic) Seeds - Tall Mix

A free flowering and rapid climber. Attracts aphids away from vegetables and so useful throughout the garden. Flowers June-September. Height 180cm (6')

Image of Nicotiana (Organic) Seeds - Mix

Nicotiana (Organic) Seeds - Mix

This ornamental tobacco mix produces sweetly scented blooms in a range of bright colours. Bees and other pollinators will love it! Flowers June-September. Height 75cm (30).

Image of Poppy (Organic) Seeds - Mix

Poppy (Organic) Seeds - Mix

Mixed Poppy is a delightful mixture of single and double poppies with a wide variety of colours and shapes. The colours vary from cream to orange and from pink to red, with or without a white rim. There are both single as double flowers. Loved by bees....

Image of Sunflower (Organic) Seeds - Medium Red Flower

Sunflower (Organic) Seeds - Medium Red Flower

Sunflower (medium flower red) is a sunflower with branched stems and medium-sized flowers in shades of red, pale red and dark red. This sunflower is a good cut flower and bee and butterfly friendly. The plants can grow up to 2 metres high. Flowers August-September.

Image of Sunflower (Organic) Seeds - Small Yellow Flower

Sunflower (Organic) Seeds - Small Yellow Flower

Sunflower (small flower yellow) is a well-branched sunflower with lots of flowers. The yellow flowers have dark hearts and are quite small. This sunflower is suited as a cut flower and is a bee and butterfly magnet. Frequent picking stimulates longer...

Image of Sweet Pea (Organic) Seeds - Spencer Mix

Sweet Pea (Organic) Seeds - Spencer Mix

Strong-growing plants covered in a profusion of big, deliciously fragrant blooms that are ideal for picking. Flowers July-August. Height 1.8m (6').