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Image of 1.5L Slow Cooker Stainless Steel

1.5L Slow Cooker Stainless Steel

Soups, casseroles and stews, simply add the ingredients to the pot, turn on and the Slow Cooker will gradually cook your meal over the course of several hours, allowing you to go out and come home to a hearty meal! The dishwasher-safe ceramic crock-pot...

Image of 1.5M Window Awning Shaftesbury

1.5M Window Awning Shaftesbury

If your windows are in the full glare of the sun, how do you keep your rooms cool or prevent your curtains or furniture from becoming faded? These simple, stylish and compact window awnings provide that vital shade and protection allowing you to enjoy...

Image of 1.7L Digital Kettle

1.7L Digital Kettle

Did you know that different tea leaves and blends deliver the best results when made with water at specific temperatures? Experts agree that green and white teas are best made with water at about 70°C, while black teas develop best at 85°C and for herbal...

Image of 100Ft Expandable Hose W/Bag

100Ft Expandable Hose W/Bag

Long hoses are heavy, often difficult to move around, take up a lot of space and can be just plain unsightly – this expandable hose solves all those problems in gardens big or small. Weighing from as little as 650gm (23oz), the hose is stored neatly...

Image of 11018 Spare Battery

11018 Spare Battery

Spare Battery.

Image of 120X180Cm Bogof Plant Protection

120X180Cm Bogof Plant Protection

Plant Protection Protect your plants from the worst of the weather this winter. Designed to quickly and easily slip over trees and plants, our covers are made from a lightweight, breathable non-woven fleece with a zipped side and drawstring opening,...

Image of 15M Flat Hose

15M Flat Hose

Water your lawn, flower beds and vegetable plot with ease, thanks to our lightweight 15m (49ft) Flat Hose. With no tangled mess or kinking, it winds neatly into a plastic reel unit measuring just H32cm xW26cm (121/2in x101/4in), courtesy of the hose's...

Image of 15Pc Glass Bowl Set + Lids

15Pc Glass Bowl Set + Lids

With a multitude of culinary, serving and storage uses, these lidded toughened glass bowls are outstanding value! Not available from anywhere else, we are offering 3 sets of 5 stackable bowls for the price you would expect to pay for just one set of 5...

Image of 1Mx3M Faux Ivy Leaf Hedge

1Mx3M Faux Ivy Leaf Hedge

Neatly conceal unsightly garden waste, large wheelie bins or tired fences in an instant with this superb Faux Ivy Fencing. No waiting for ivy to grow - enjoy W3m xH1m (9ft 10in x3ft 3in) of immediate, dense, mature, evergreen foliage - perfect for increased...

Image of 2.5L Black Instant Water Boiler

2.5L Black Instant Water Boiler

Saving both time and energy you can make a single cup of coffee or a pot of tea instantly – no more waiting! The old saying goes “a watched kettle never boils”, well now it does, as this ingenious water boiler gives you instant boiling water at the...

Image of 2.5X2 Shaftesbury Awning

2.5X2 Shaftesbury Awning

Instant shading on your patio or terrace! Our Deluxe Easy-fit Awnings will fit virtually any outside wall to provide year round weatherproof protection from both sun and showers. Made from fine quality 280gsm polyester, they create a cool shaded area...

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Image of 2.95X2 Awning Cover

2.95X2 Awning Cover

Protect your awning with one of our polyester 100% waterproof protective awning storage covers. Designed to fit over any awning, they are perfect for manual awnings (it will fit all awnings that we sell and have sold) which don't have an aluminium protective...