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Image of 3 WWF Safari Sounds Cards

3 WWF Safari Sounds Cards

Supporting the Worldwide Fund for Nature (W.W.F). Open each card and an ingenious sound­chip plays an accurate recording of the animal"s call. No batteries required; large letter for UK postage. 3 designs, 1 each of elephant (trumpeting), chimpanzees...

Image of 4 Bahia Pots

4 Bahia Pots

Set of 4 useful pots evoking memories of the stunning tilework at Marrakech’s 19th century palace. 4 assorted patterned clay pots. Each 10cm tall.

Image of 4 Fly Away Forest Laser cut Cards

4 Fly Away Forest Laser cut Cards

4 laser cut cards of birds and woodland. Colourful and intricate recalling a long tradition of Danish papercuts – papirklipning – which included the humorous and enchanting fairy­tale cut­outs created by Hans Christian Andersen (1805­75)....

Image of 4 Hotan Canape Plates

4 Hotan Canape Plates

Glorious set of 4 small ceramic plates each with a different design, echoing Chinese Ikat fabrics which are created using a centuries­old weaving technique where threads are tie­dyed in intricate patterns, then untied and woven into fabric. Ceramic...

Image of 4 Icaria Placemats

4 Icaria Placemats

Placemats embodying the simple style of Icaria. 100% cotton. Each 30 x 48cm excluding tassles. Machine washable.

Image of 4 Sakura Songbird 3­D Cards

4 Sakura Songbird 3­D Cards

4 innovative laser cut cards evoking the sight of mejiro (Japanese white­eyes); a familiar sight across Japan, flitting amongst cherry blossom to sip nectar in spring. 4 laser cut cards with 3 layers falling open to create a 4.5cm deep, 3­D shadowbox...

Image of 5 Blossom Bowls

5 Blossom Bowls

Set of 5 porcelain bowls with freehand blossom decoration. Porcelain, glazed, one of each colour. c.6.5cm tall x 12cm wide. Dishwasher safe. Gift boxed.

Image of 5 Filigree Easter Cards

5 Filigree Easter Cards

Eggs­quisite paper filigree: a beautiful lasercut design, updating the traditional folk art form of German scherenschnitte designs ­ meaning "scissor cuts". Thought to date to the 16th century, paper cuts are found across Central Europe,...

Image of 6 Lacroix Frivolities Fan Cards

6 Lacroix Frivolities Fan Cards

Luxurious stationery from Paris fashion house Christian Lacroix; recalling the excess of the ‘jeunesse dorée’, who, in the 1790s, were known for their outlandish fashions, in opposition to the austere politics of the Jacobins. For all social...

Image of 6 Pontus Bowls

6 Pontus Bowls

Jolly set of bowls, in the colours of the coastline. hand­painted ceramic. c. 4 x 11. 5cm. Fair Trade. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Image of Alhambra Coasters

Alhambra Coasters

Set of 4 coasters reflecting the tile work around Marrakech. 4 designs. Ceramic with cork backing. 9. 6cm square.

Image of Alhambra Tiles Notebook

Alhambra Tiles Notebook

A luxurious notebook, reproducing a detail of colourful tiles from the Nasrid Palace of the Alhambra in Granada; the vivid design is further enhanced with embossed details and foil stamping to the cover. Features a pocket at the back for receipts. Magnetic...