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Image of Anemone 6 Pint Jug

Anemone 6 Pint Jug

They say the best things in life come in small sizes but there are, and always will be, exceptions - such as this magnificently sized and magnificently patterned Anemone 6 Pint Jug.

Image of Anemone 8 1/2 Plate

Anemone 8 1/2 Plate

Does the pattern on this Anemone 8 1/2 Plate bring to mind a fifties-style crisp cotton shirtwaist dress for a sunny garden party?

Image of Anemone Apron

Anemone Apron

Our Anemone Apron looks almost too perfect to get covered in flour. Nevetheless, you can throw caution to the wind as it washes beautifully.

Image of Anemone Cereal Bowl

Anemone Cereal Bowl

For those who struggle to get out of bed and off to school or work of a morning, brighten their start with a hearty helping of granola in an Anemone Cereal Bowl.

Image of Anemone Double Oven Glove

Anemone Double Oven Glove

When was the last time you treated your kitchen to a lovely clean new oven mitt? No excuses now, with this lovely clean new Anemone Double Oven Glove.

Image of Anemone Gauntlet

Anemone Gauntlet

If you prefer the oven glove approach to handling hot pans and baking trays, an Emma Bridgewater Anemone Gauntlet is the one for you.

Image of Anemone Hen on Nest Boxed

Anemone Hen on Nest Boxed

What's inside this delightfully decorated box? An Anemone Hen on Nest. What's inside the hen? Ah now, that's entirely up to you.

Image of Anemone Hob Cover

Anemone Hob Cover

Our Anemone Hob Cover works in so beautifully well with the other Emma Bridgewater patterns in blues and reds in your kitchen, dont you think?

Image of Anemone Insulated Bottle

Image of Anemone Large Handled Tin Tray

Anemone Large Handled Tin Tray

Spread a blanket on the lawn, scatter a few cushions around and bring out the tea and home-made sponge on our Anemone Large Handled Tin Tray for an afternoon of lounging.

Image of Anemone Large Old Bowl

Anemone Large Old Bowl

Anemone - hard to pronounce but lovely to look at - as our Anemone Large Old Bowl shows.

Image of Anemone Lunch Napkins

Anemone Lunch Napkins

A crisp white linen table cloth, a vase of spring flowers, a pile of Anemone Lunch Napkins and a few old friends. Just the ticket. Pack contains 20 napkins.