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Image of Anemone Pot Grab

Anemone Pot Grab

If youve already bought our Anemone 3 Mug Teapot, dont forget its sidekick: the Anemone Pot Grab.

Image of Anemone Right Terrier

Anemone Right Terrier

Even though his ear is cocked and theres a cheeky glint in his eye, you cant help but have a soft spot for this brightly festooned Anemone Terrier Right.

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Image of Anemone Serving Plate

Anemone Serving Plate

Make a statement with this Emma Bridgewater Anemone Serving Plate. Now, this is exactly what you call flower power.

Image of Anemone Set of 2 Tea Towels

Anemone Set of 2 Tea Towels

Good quality and good looking tea towels are hard to find. End the quest with our Anemone Set of 2 Tea Towels.

Image of Anemone Set of 3 Round Cake Tins

Anemone Set of 3 Round Cake Tins

Goodness, is it really time again to be making and baking for the school summer fair? Be the envy of the class by turning up with your beautifully risen offerings safely contained in this Anemone Set of 3 Round Cake Tins.

Image of Anemone Set of 3 Round Tin Caddies Boxed

Anemone Set of 3 Round Tin Caddies Boxed

Tea, coffee and sugar: all neatly sorted care of our Anemone Set of 3 Round Tin Caddies (Boxed).

Image of Anemone Small Melamine Tray

Anemone Small Melamine Tray

Pleasing to the eye and a treasure every morning with your tea and biscuit: the Anemone Small Melamine Tray.

Image of Anemone Small Milk Bottle

Anemone Small Milk Bottle

A milk bottle by name neednt be a milk bottle by nature. Add a single flower and voilĂ  - this Anemone Small Milk Bottle is now a vase.

Image of Anemone Small Mug

Anemone Small Mug

This Anemone Small Mug may be described as small yet its jam-packed with flowers.

Image of Anemone Small Old Bowl

Anemone Small Old Bowl

Have you considered mixing a few of these Anemone Small Old Bowls with our Blue Star Small Old Bowls? Its a gorgeous combination.

Image of Anemone Small Rectangular Tin

Anemone Small Rectangular Tin

Malted Milk, shortbread fingers, Nice biscuits and Custard Creams - the Anemone Small Rectangular Tin is a tin fit for accommodating biscuits with corners.

Image of Anemone Tea Cosy

Anemone Tea Cosy

Did you know that if an anemones petal closes up, its going to rain? Delay going out for a while by making a pot of tea, kept warm by our Anemone Tea Cosy.