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Image of 3 Lavender Hangers

3 Lavender Hangers

Keep your clothes organised and crease­free with this attractive set of 3 padded hangers, embroidered with lavender springs, a particular favourite of the Victorians. The cushioned design is ideal for delicate items.

Image of 3 Oriental Flowers LED Candles

3 Oriental Flowers LED Candles

Recalling motifs from 19th century Chinese brocades. 3 battery powered candles of wax and plastic, the LEDs give out an authentic flickering light.

Image of 3 Starfish Trinket Trays

3 Starfish Trinket Trays

Rich blue hues combine in these three matching trays, reminiscent of lustre pieces by Émile Gallé (1846­1904).

Image of 4 Terracotta Warriors

4 Terracotta Warriors

Over 8,000 life­size terracotta warriors were buried with Qin Shin Huang, first Emperor of China in 210­209 B.C. Intended to guard over him in the afterlife, they were discovered in 1974.

Image of 6 Georgian Wine Glasses

6 Georgian Wine Glasses

Elegantly etched set of 6 wine glasses reproducing motifs from 18th­century originals.

Image of Adele Trinket Tray

Adele Trinket Tray

Trinket dish reproducing the Gustav Klimt (1862­1918) masterpiece ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch­Bauer I’ (1907). The Austrian artist portrayed the Viennese socialite on two occasions.

Image of Amethyst Bonsai Tree

Amethyst Bonsai Tree

The art of bonsai originated in China, then travelling to Japan; carved gemstone decorations emulating these miniature trees became popular in both China and for export to the West in the 19th century. Amethyst gemstone ornament with metal trunk and branches,...

Image of A Mon Seul Desir Tapestry

A Mon Seul Desir Tapestry

Tapestry reproducing the 6th tapestry in the Lady and the Unicorn series, "À mon seul désir", woven c.1500. The meaning of the tapestry is thought, variously, to represent love, understanding or the renunciation of sin.

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Image of Anemone Jug

Anemone Jug

Reflecting the style of Arts and crafts designer William Morris (1834­1896). The main source of the patterns for Morris"s famous wallpapers were the plants he had observed since childhood. But he also took inspiration from the images of plants...

Image of Animalier Pig Sculpture

Animalier Pig Sculpture

Charming sculpture inspired by the work of 19th­century animaliers, such as Paul­Édouard Delabrièrre (1829 – 1912).

Image of Aphrodite Mask

Aphrodite Mask

Reproducing an original casting of a bronze head from a statue found in Satala of a local goddess Anahita in the guise of Aphrodite, 200­100 B.C., held in the British Museum.

Image of Argyle Teak Chair

Argyle Teak Chair

Recalling the high backed designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868­1928) created for the Argyle Street Tea Rooms in Glasgow.

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