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Image of 1-Hole Tomato Planter

1-Hole Tomato Planter

This Upside-Down Tomato Planter provides you with the easiest way to grow tomatoes. All you have to do is hang it on your wall balcony and patio and use ordinary potting soil. The juicy tomatoes will soon grow and be ready for you to eat. Eliminating...

Image of 2018 Calendar: Castles

2018 Calendar: Castles

12-month calendar featuring fabulous photographs of historic castles across the British Isles.

Image of 2018 Calendar: Country Cottages

2018 Calendar: Country Cottages

12-month calendar featuring fabulous photographs of beautiful country cottages.

Image of 2018 Calendar: Wonderful World

2018 Calendar: Wonderful World

12-month calendar featuring stunning images of exotic locations around the world.

Image of 2018 Wall Calendar: Star Wars Darth Vader and Son

2018 Wall Calendar: Star Wars Darth Vader and Son

Enjoy a year of hijinks and life lessons with Darth Vader (TM) as he rules the Galactic Empire while keeping an eye on his mischievous son Luke.

Image of 3D Owl Wall Clock

3D Owl Wall Clock

It would be a very wise decision to buy this hoot-iful owl-themed clock. Made from MDF and with a friendly character as its centrepiece, this will look great on any bedroom wall.Dimensions: 300 x 300mm

Image of 3-Piece Cupcake Tin Set

3-Piece Cupcake Tin Set

Everyone will be in cupcake heaven when a home baker stores their latest show-stopping treats in one of these beautifully designed tins. Coming in three convenient sizes (which can be stacked inside each other, saving space in the process), they're very...

Image of 5-Piece Macaron Cake Tin Set

5-Piece Macaron Cake Tin Set

With one large tin decorated with colourful macarons and four smaller ones that can fit inside it, these are perfect for storing all your cakes and/or ingredients. The tins are all great for keeping show-stopping treats safe and secure.Largest tin dimensions:...

Image of 642 Big Things to Write About

642 Big Things to Write About

This new oversized journal is packed with peculiar and provocative prompts that encourage young writers to think BIG. Whether imagining big objects or pondering big ideas, budding writers will find this HUGELY entertaining book of prompts the perfect...

Image of 642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

It's 642 Things to Write About, but for kids! 642 compelling, funny writing prompts from the kids and writing tutors at the fabulous 826 Valencia. Fun, intriguing, imaginative, inspiring prompts that will make even those just flipping through the book...

Image of 9-Hole Strawberry Planter

9-Hole Strawberry Planter

Ideal for homes with small or no gardens, the Upside-Down Strawberry Planter provides you with a fast and easy way to harves - all you have to do is simply hang up the planter and then feed and water the plant to grow some tasty strawberries.Follow these...

Image of Address Book Modern Floral Large

Address Book Modern Floral Large

Keeping track of friends, family, and coworkers has never been easier with this elegantly designed address book. Now a dead battery or lost phone won't leave you high and dry. You can record home addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of over...