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Image of 2 Collapsible Square Food Containers, 220ml

2 Collapsible Square Food Containers, 220ml

Swap throwaway tinfoil and cling film for these versatile food storage boxes that you can use again and again. Supplied as a set of two, the small square containers are just perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge or for keeping dried foods, such...

Image of 2-Piece Bath Mat Set (1 + 1 FREE)

2-Piece Bath Mat Set (1 + 1 FREE)

Add comfort and luxury to your bathroom – and stop drips from damaging your flooring. Practical, stylish and exceptional value, buy one set of mats and you get another set free! Which means you can always have one in use whilst the other is in the...

Image of 3D Illusion Acrylic Table Lamp

3D Illusion Acrylic Table Lamp

Turn heads with this innovative light that plays tricks with your eyes! The perfect bedside light or desk light, it comprises a flat 2-dimensional acrylic disc etched with myriad fine lines that light up to create a totally convincing 3D effect.A great...

Image of 3 Lavender Cache Pots

3 Lavender Cache Pots

Showcase a favourite houseplant in one of these pretty decorative cache pots. Perfect for sitting on a windowsill or shelf, they are just the right size for a small flowering plant such as an African Violet, Viola or Cactus. The plant pot is crafted in...

Image of 50 LED Droplet Solar Lights

50 LED Droplet Solar Lights

Create a magnificent rainbow display outside with these sparkling multi-coloured string lights. The large plastic droplets light up in 4 fabulous colours (red blue, green and warm white) to create a mesmerising light show at night.Requiring no fiddling...

Image of 70-Piece Sewing Box

70-Piece Sewing Box

Join the home sewing craze with this comprehensive sewing kit that is jam-packed with sewing essentials. Folding to a tiny 11cm square, the fabric covered sewing box opens out flat to reveal a cornucopia of sewing goodies – all instantly viewable and...

Image of ‘Dougal’ Bronze Highland Cow Sculpture

‘Dougal’ Bronze Highland Cow Sculpture

This cold cast bronze Highland Cow is from an original sculpture by Veronica Ballan.

Image of ‘Harmony’ Pastel-Coloured Buddha Ornament

‘Harmony’ Pastel-Coloured Buddha Ornament

Turn a special spot into an oasis of calm with this beautifully serene Buddha ornament. Sitting in classic lotus pose, the Thai Buddha is deep in meditative thought. Mirroring its tranquillity, the statue is crafted in a stone effect resin and decorated...

Image of ‘Tree of Life’ Door Mat, Large

‘Tree of Life’ Door Mat, Large

Stop visitors, both human and canine, from walking dirt and grime through the house. These hard-wearing and durable doormats are the perfect way to encourage people to wipe their feet. Handmade from recycled rubber and natural coir, they are an eco-friendly,...

Image of ‘Tree of Life’ Door Mat, Small

‘Tree of Life’ Door Mat, Small

Stop dirt and mud being traipsed through the house with this eye-catching doormat. Made by hand from recycled rubber and natural coir, it features a stylised tree of life pattern that is bound to stop visitors in their tracks. The coir is just right for...

Image of Admiral FitzRoy Storm Glass

Admiral FitzRoy Storm Glass

Precisely how they work is still a mystery, but storm glass barometers like this have been relied upon to forecast the weather since the early 1700s. If the liquid in the glass is clear, expect bright, good weather. If the liquid is cloudy, the skies...

Image of Armchair Archie: Dog Armchair Organiser

Armchair Archie: Dog Armchair Organiser

Armchair Archie is everyone's best friend. This loveable armchair organiser is designed to hold your remote control, newspaper or TV guide etc. and even a drink close at hand. Archie is an adorable soft cushion pup who simply lounges over the arm of your...