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Image of Allium 'Big Impact Mixed'

Allium 'Big Impact Mixed'

Add height and structure to your borders with these superb summer-flowering bulbs. Undemanding and easy to grow, Allium 'Big Impact Mixed' will give you a wonderful assortment of flower shapes, sizes and colours that are superb for cut flower displays....

Image of Allium Collection

Allium Collection

These magnificent allium bulbs produce an explosion of colour, followed by architectural seedheads that create a spectacular autumn display. Undemanding and easy to grow, these magnificent allium flowers are also excellent for cutting.

Image of Allium 'Globemaster'

Allium 'Globemaster'

Spectacular massive mauve globes. One of the best giant alliums - comes up reliably year after year. Bulb size 18/20.

Image of Allium moly

Allium moly

Allium moly is a vigorous little allium that bears dense clusters of golden yellow, star-shaped flowers from late spring. It quickly establishes neat clumps of grey-green, strap-like foliage, and spreads to naturalize through woodland areas and beneath...

Image of Allium 'Purple Sensation'

Allium 'Purple Sensation'

One of the best and most majestic Alliums for your late-spring garden, 'Purple Sensation' is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant variety producing spectacular lilac-purple flowers up to 15cm (6in) in diameter. Be sure to plant among other perennials that also...

Image of Allium ramosum

Allium ramosum

Easy-to-grow bulb for planting in drifts through borders, or dotted around in patio pots. The silver-sheened blooms neatly fi ll the 'gap' between spring and summer. Bulb size 1.

Image of Annual Bedding Collection

Annual Bedding Collection

The perfect summer selection for vibrant bedding displays in the border. We've matched a range of colours, heights, textures and scents to ensure a winning garden display. Mix them up or set out in blocks - they'll look great no matter the arrangement....

Image of Annual 'Best Value Bumper' Collection

Annual 'Best Value Bumper' Collection

Everything you need to make your beds, borders and baskets look amazing this year with our best value annual collection! These variety packs are great value and are guaranteed to fill your garden with colour that will last all summer long. Collection...

Image of Aster 'Lavender'

Image of Begonia semperflorens 'Lotto Mixed'

Begonia semperflorens 'Lotto Mixed'

An exceptionally large flowered variety compared to normal Begonia semperflorens cultivars. Begonia 'Lotto' Mixed plants produce neat blooms with yellow centres in a sumptuous mix of colours. Perfect for creating a show-stopping display in containers,...

Image of Begonia semperflorens 'Lotto Mixed' (Garden Ready)

Begonia semperflorens 'Lotto Mixed' (Garden Ready)

The weather in the UK is unpredictable at best, so what you need is a plant that will be immune to this; one that will soldier on, come rain or shine. Like the bigger brother of the semperflorens family, 'Lottoplants are robust and fill bed and border...

Image of Begonia semperflorens 'Organdy Mixed' F1 Hybrid

Begonia semperflorens 'Organdy Mixed' F1 Hybrid

Combining a stunning range of flower colours with unusual bronze and green foliage, this fabulous specimen produces an incredible floral display in the garden. Drought and wet tolerant, plants will thrive in all weather conditions.