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Image of Abelia Collection

Abelia Collection

With a compact, arching habit and long flowering period, Abelia x grandiflora 'Sunny Charms' makes a fine addition to sunny borders.

Image of Abelia 'Pink Pong'

Abelia 'Pink Pong'

A fully evergreen Abelia that will delight you all year with its strong performance coupled with a full array of features. Abelia ?Pink Pong? is a hardy, evergreen shrub which is unusual for many Abelia plants. It will produce large, tubular flowers that...

Image of Abelia x grandiflora

Abelia x grandiflora

Abelia x grandiflora deserves to be seen more often in gardens, remaining colourful and fragrant over many months - particularly in the autumn. Semi-evergreen, with bowing branches that bear clusters of sweet flowers, Abelia grandiflora is perfect for...

Image of Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope'

Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope'

The magnificent foliage of this pretty evergreen shrub blends from citrus greens and yellow in spring/summer to gorgeous reds and purples through autumn/winter. Bears white bell-shaped flowers too. Height when mature 1m. Supplied in 8cm pot.

Image of Abelia x grandiflora 'Sunny Charms'

Image of Abutilon 'Tricolour'

Image of Abyssinian Gladiolus

Image of Acacia dealbata

Acacia dealbata

Evergreen fern-like foliage makes an attractive foil for clusters of bright yellow, fluffy ball shaped mimosa flowers. Its fragrant, nectar rich blooms are a big attraction for bees and other insects in spring. This half hardy evergreen makes an ideal...

Image of Acanthus mollis

Acanthus mollis

Popular and robust, fully hardy, garden perennial, that features large jagged dark green foliage and magnificent tall racemes of white flowers with mauve bracts, flowering from May to August. It's a fantastic addition to a large perennial border and is...

Image of Acanthus spinosus

Acanthus spinosus

Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden with this head-turning perennial. Bees and other nectar hungry insects will be drawn to the impressive purple and white flowers that are carried on towering architectural spikes which could grow up to...

Image of Acer 'Orange Beauty'

Image of Acer palmatum

Acer palmatum

The japanese maple is a highly popular choice for gardens large or small. Slow-growing, and wind sensitive, this pretty variety of deciduous tree makes an ideal feature in a border or patio container, with an open habit and foliage that blends from green...