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Image of Agapanthus 'Bluestorm'

Agapanthus 'Bluestorm'

Agapanthus 'Bluestorm' is a new variety of Agapanthus, which has been bred specifically for its flowers. In June, this African Blue Lily grows an abundance of blue blooms on stiff stems, perfect for cut flower displays. It also boasts a long season, ensuring...

Image of Agapanthus Blue & White Collection

Agapanthus Blue & White Collection

Flowering throughout summer these impressive perennials lend their stature to borders and patio containers, where their architectural seed heads continue the display well into autumn. The large spherical blooms also look magnificent in cut flower displays....

Image of Agapanthus 'Ever Sapphire'

Agapanthus 'Ever Sapphire'

A profusion of deep blue flowers form large, rounded heads that appear early in the season. Flowering from late May, Agapanthus ?Ever Sapphire? comes from recent breeding, offering a repeat flowering African Blue Lily which will enchant you throughout...

Image of Agapanthus 'Ever White'

Agapanthus 'Ever White'

Elegant white flower heads rise above strap-like foliage, perched upon tall, upright stems. This eye catching new introduction is early to flower and continues to repeat bloom throughout the summer for a particularly long lasting display. Agapanthus ?Ever...

Image of Agapanthus 'Flower of Love'

Agapanthus 'Flower of Love'

Beautiful, deep blue florets stand proud on tall stalks each summer on this outstanding African Lily. Agapanthus ?Flower of Love?, being a hardy perennial, will flower year after year, getting larger and stronger with each passing season. These reliable...

Image of Agapanthus 'Glenavon'

Image of Agapanthus 'Jacaranda'

Image of Agapanthus 'Northern Star'

Image of Agapanthus 'Pinocchio'

Image of Agapanthus 'Regal Beauty'

Agapanthus 'Regal Beauty'

With seemingly hundreds of deep blue blooms on enormous flower heads, Agapanthus 'Regal Beauty' is a showy, evergreen perennial that makes a real feature plant for borders and patio containers. It quickly forms large clumps of strap-shaped leaves, which...

Image of Agapanthus 'Sweet Surprise'

Agapanthus 'Sweet Surprise'

A beautiful plant for borders in a range of garden types, including city contemporary, coastal and cottage and especially those with a colour palette of white, blues and purples. Agapanthus 'Sweet Surprise' adds some height to the border, with umbels...

Image of Agapanthus 'Twister'

Agapanthus 'Twister'

Here's the most decorative african lily you can grow. Robust, and with absolutely glorious flowers of crystal white flutes that blend to inky blue throats. The huge globes of flower appear from mid to late summer, and are hosted on strong, hardy plants....