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Image of Flopro Nozzle - Turquoise

Flopro Nozzle - Turquoise

Ideal for all your watering needs, this robust Flopro Nozzle will fit securely to the end of your garden hose. Simply twist to adjust the water spray from off through to a wide, strong jet. The nozzle also allows a snap fit to all watering brand accessories.

Image of Flopro+ Adjustable Nozzle - Turquoise

Flopro+ Adjustable Nozzle - Turquoise

For a durable, robust and reliable nozzle with a comfortable grip, look no further than the Flopro+ Adjustable Nozzle. You can alter the water stream from jet through to a narrow stream or delicate mist, there's a setting to suit your every need. In addition,...

Image of Flopro 15M Hose with Connectors and Nozzle - Turquoise

Flopro 15M Hose with Connectors and Nozzle - Turquoise

With three durable layers, this 15 Flopro Hose with Connectors and Nozzle provides the quality, durability and flexibility needed for all watering tasks. The garden hose connects to standard outdoor taps and watering equipment, and comes complete with...