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Image of EKU bottom guide rail/top guide channel

EKU bottom guide rail/top guide channel

• With screw-mounting holes• Bright aluminum• Note: If cabinet board thickness is 19 mm, glue into position

Image of Handy Pea Planting Bag

Handy Pea Planting Bag

If you love the idea of growing your own vegetables but lack the space to do so in your garden, this handy pea planting bag could change your life. The sturdy product can be placed on any patio, balcony or lawn and used to produce bumper crops of peas,...

Image of Red Planting Kit + Compost

Red Planting Kit + Compost

6 Containers & 35 Litres of CompostVibrant Red Planters will bring some serious colour to your garden design. A set of six: two 27cm hanging baskets, two 27cm containers and two 40cm troughs, plus compost.