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Image of Onion (Salad) Seeds - Apache

Onion (Salad) Seeds - Apache

A fast maturing red salad onion which keeps its colour when peeled.SMALL SPACES made easy! Are you feeling left behind by the grow-your-own revolution because you live in a gardenless apartment or have a postage-stamp-sized patio? Dont worry: Anyone with...

Image of Pepper Chilli Seeds - Apache F1

Pepper Chilli Seeds - Apache F1

Over the last few years patio growing has become increasingly popular. This medium-hot chilli type pepper produces good crops on plants of dwarf habit and is ideal for containers on the patio or even on a windowsill indoors. Recommended for deep freezing....

Image of Pepper Chilli Seeds - F1 Apache

Pepper Chilli Seeds - F1 Apache

Neat compact plants bearing a prolific crop of medium hot green (turning to red) chillies. Grows to 45cm (18) tall. Patio type. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Rating 70,000-80,000 SHU. (Rating measured in Scoville heat units - SHU. The higher the rating...