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Image of Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Cannellino

Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Cannellino

Dwarf green beans for fresh use or drying for winter dishes, pure white dried beans for storing, a good source of protein, antioxidants and fibre.

Image of Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Compass

Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Compass

An extra fine french bean as would be seen in the finest range in supermarkets. It boasts exceptional flavour and very heavy crops.A super fine bean with excellent flavourVery high yieldsTom says: The finest of all French beans, this extra fine bean has...

Image of Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Mascotte

Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Mascotte

Ideal for growing in window-boxes and pots, and very attractive in flower. Produces good crops of round, extra fine, absolutely stringless pods approximately 14cm (5) in length on plants approximately 40-45cm (16-18) in height. Easy to harvest because...