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Image of Factory Tour

Factory Tour

Meet the jigger, jollier, fettlers, casters and decorators whos traditional skills and craftsmanship go into creating every beautiful piece of handmade and hand decorated Emma Bridgewater pottery. Advanced Booking Required Monday to Friday 10am, 11am,...


Image of Black Toast Pocket Tissues

Black Toast Pocket Tissues

Theres all manner of folklore behind the reason for a complete stranger to politely say bless you when you sneeze. Use our Black Toast Pocket Tissues and strangers everywhere will also admire you as a person of style and taste. Product Wording BLESS YOU!

Image of Hen & Toast Pocket Tissues

Hen & Toast Pocket Tissues

For scraped knees, sneezy noses, tearful eyes and all the other times your little chicks need their Mother Hen to have a pocket-sized pack of tissues ready to hand.

Image of Bright New Morning Pocket Tissues

Bright New Morning Pocket Tissues

Sniffles and snuffles getting you down? Perk yourself up with our Bright New Morning Pocket Tissues.

Image of Polka Dot Stack Pocket Tissues

Polka Dot Stack Pocket Tissues

A summer cold is a real bore but can be made all the brighter with our brightly cheerful Polka Dot Stack Pocket Tissues - especially if accompanied by a soothing hot toddy.

Image of Pink Pansy Pocket Tissues

Pink Pansy Pocket Tissues

We have to be frank: plain white pocket tissues are just, well, plain dull when you can choose to have these Pink Pansy Pocket Tissues instead.

Image of Bright New Morning Cocktail Napkins

Bright New Morning Cocktail Napkins

A mini Easter parade is before your eyes on these Bright New Morning Cocktail Napkins.

Image of Wallflower Cocktail Napkins

Wallflower Cocktail Napkins

Designed by Emma this is inspired by the richly coloured and old-fashioned mix of Persian Carpet, and adorns this perfectly sized cocktail napkin.

Image of Vegetable Garden Cocktail Napkins

Vegetable Garden Cocktail Napkins

You could compare the size of your prize radishes against the ones in this spring-like pattern on our Vegetable Garden Cocktail Napkins, but were sure you may have better things to talk about over lunch with friends.

Image of Pink Wallpaper Paper Cocktail Napkins

Pink Wallpaper Paper Cocktail Napkins

Our cocktail napkins are just the right size when youre serving party food, and these exceptionally pretty Pink Wallpaper ones would be lovely for a summer evening.

Image of Garden Birds Cocktail Napkins

Garden Birds Cocktail Napkins

Guests arrive at your garden party; you make the introductions and, oh dear, what IS that neighbours name? These cocktail napkins will serve as a cunning distraction as you gleefully point out a collared dove on a nearby tree.